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The Canadian and American Pet Cancer Foundations are sibling non-profit organizations. We’re leading the effort to increase the life expectancy and quality of life for pets diagnosed with cancer. Our goal is to raise awareness about pet cancer while funding research into causes, diagnoses, treatments, and care.

Helping pets live better, longer lives requires the holistic approach that we intend to provide.

With so many organizations needing help, the only way we can earn & keep your trust is by sticking to our principles.

As we set out to begin fundraising from the public, learn more about our financial direction with the funds we raise.

Meet some of the amazing volunteers  serving our mission to give pets with cancer more good tomorrows.

Meet the skilled & passionate professionals leading the way to make a difference to create a better future for pets.

Meet the doctors, veterinarians, and scientists joining us to help search for the answers to pet cancer.