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Our vision to improve the life expectancy and quality of life of pets diagnosed with cancer will be fulfilled through a 360-degree approach focused on research, care, and community initiatives. We’ve set a timeline of just 10 years to make a significant impact on pet cancer, and we wholeheartedly believe our strategy will be successful with your support.

To ensure the funds we raise return the most impact for pets, and those who contribute, our early projects in years 1-3 aim at supporting and providing the foundational groundwork for funding initiatives in future years. The intent is to create a compounding effect through the coordination and relationship of the projects we fund.

For 2023, we seek to raise $5,900,000 in actionable capital, to be allocated as follows:

    • $2.5 million for research into earlier diagnostic technologies in cats and dogs
    • $1.0 million for better (cancer) data systems within the veterinary and veterinary oncology industry
    • $1.0 Million for research into species-specific treatment options for cats and dogs
    • $1.0 Million for operating expenses of the organization
    • $400,000 for our endowment/investment fund

The above initiatives represent three known and successful pathways to advancements for humans:

    1. Earlier diagnosis of cancer is critical and in humans has led to far more people being cancer survivors instead of cancer victims.
    1. Better data has improved how doctors and researchers treat and investigate the disease.
    1. Cancer treatments are moving towards individually targeted therapies, recognizing that despite the similarities, everyone responds differently to treatment protocols.

Our initial focus to invest in earlier diagnosis, better data, and species-specific treatment options will have a profound impact for pets, in the same manner they’ve had with humans. As veterinarians and researchers have access to earlier diagnosis of cancer and better data, those tools will improve treatment protocols and ideally move the needle on prognosis.

We will create a future when pet cancer is an affordable, manageable illness so that pets and their families can enjoy more good tomorrows, together. Please support our work, we cannot do this without you!