Advisory Board Member

Supipi Duffy, PhD

Dr Supipi Duffy is a scientist with dual roles in industry and academia. She is currently a product development manager at a DNA sequencing company and a faculty member at the joint UBC-BCIT Biotechnology program. Dr. Duffy completed her PhD in molecular genetics at the University of Toronto. Her research focused on understanding the genetic changes that lead to the development of cancer. Upon graduation, she moved back to Vancouver where she completed her post-doctoral training at the University of British Columbia where she continued her research in cancer biology.

Dr. Duffy believes that the greatest impact of science is achieved through knowledge translation and commercial application. As such, she has reached out for opportunities that would build interdisciplinary research collaborations and methods for bridging academia to industry. She held the prestigious Canadian Institute of Advanced Research (CIFAR) Global Scholar and Banting postdoctoral fellowships during her post-doctoral training, which provided her the opportunity to build a strong network with top scientists from a broad range of disciplines and to support and mentor graduate students.


Advisory Board members sometimes work with pharmaceutical, device, biotechnology, and life sciences companies, and other organizations outside of PCF, to find safe and effective cancer treatments, to improve patient care, and to educate the health care community.

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Supipi Duffy discloses the following relationships and financial interests:

  • None

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