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You received some bad news during your recent trip to the vet – your pet has been diagnosed with cancer. First, take a deep breath. Receiving a cancer diagnosis is difficult but it does not always mean the end. Cancer is a complex disease, but with proper diagnosis and individualized treatment, your pet may still have years to spend alongside you.

One way to cope with a cancer diagnosis is by learning more about the type of cancer your pet has, as well as its causes and treatment options. Talk with your vet and don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as needed to feel more at ease with what is to come. Once you understand your pet’s cancer more fully, you can make informed decisions about how to proceed with your pet’s treatment.

You may also find it helpful to participate in your pet’s care while they undergo treatment. Learning about the best diet for your pet, what comforts they require, and how to deliver their medications when needed assists you as much as your pet in their cancer journey.

Also, consider speaking frankly with your vet about the cost. Sometimes treatment can be expensive. You want to ensure that if the cost is beyond your budget, you can investigate other funding sources. Money is always hard to talk about, especially when it comes to your pet, but if you are upfront at the beginning, your vet can help you explore your options and allow you to focus on your furry friend’s well-being rather than a price tag.

This is also going to be a stressful time for you. Lean on those closest to you, seek out local support groups, and explore social media communities that are experiencing the same thing you are. With the help of those around you, you can reduce your constant worry and look forward to the better days to come.

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