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The Position: 

Our volunteer Veterinary Content Editors are responsible for reviewing and providing critical editorial feedback and suggestions to our scientific writing and editing teams producing pet cancer content for our new website. Specifically, a Veterinary Editor’s role is to ensure our published information’s clinical accuracy, that it’s comprehensible by all audiences, and that our published content is at a level that enables our organization’s credibility with the veterinary community.

Key areas of review include oncology, diagnostics, drug discovery, genomics, diet, and nutrition.


Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Contribute and collaborate with the Project Leader and Scientific Editors to review and suggest editorial changes on content developed for publication.
  • Confirm and cross-check source materials where necessary to verify/validate the medical/technical information conveyed to pet owners.
  • Review ready to publish content before public availability to ensure it meets an acceptable Veterinary standard level
  • Assist the editing teams and project leaders with questions they may have throughout the process
  • Constructively assist writers in improving their work for the benefit of the project when requested
  • Ensure our final product is understandable by the pet owner regardless of their education or knowledge level.
  • Ensure the scientific validity and quality of our content is of the highest regard


About You

As an experienced veterinary professional, you have a vested interest to ensure your clients and the public, in general, have access to reliable and credible medical information to care for their pets properly. You are also genuinely excited to stay on top of the latest medical advancements, including newly published literature and research related to your field. You also enjoy reading in your spare time and may even have a passion for editing; you are:

  • Board Certified and non-Board Certified Veterinarians and Veterinary Technicians with 2-4 years of experience within a Veterinary Clinic environment
  • Board Certified Veterinary Oncologists with 2-4 years of experience
  • Ability to identify, review, and critique topic-specific research literature
  • Excellent oral communication skills


What we provide you with

Volunteering with PCF in this critical role is a generational opportunity to contribute to building a best-in-class worldwide organization that will make a difference in millions of animals’ lives in the decades to come. The challenges of building an umbrella cancer agency from inception will provide learnings while expanding your network of contacts that will be of assistance to your advancing private or non-profit career.



  • This role’s time commitment is roughly 30-45 minutes per day (4 to 6 hours weekly), intended for those who enjoy reading during downtime in their busy schedules.
  • This position works virtually from anywhere in Canada or the United States.


Contact/How to apply

Please forward your resume to team@petcancerfdn.org