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There are many ways to utilize your strengths and passions while connecting with like-minded people for an important cause affecting dogs and cats. Apply today to help pets with cancer and their families.


Big goals require big plans, and big plans require many devoted volunteers.  

We currently have over 200 volunteers across Canada and the United States, and we’re growing fast! We’re always searching for additional highly qualified, animal-loving, passionate team members to help us reach our shared vision. From Marketing & Communications to Information Technology or Strategy & Planning, we have over 30 departments in which we need expertise. 

We’re searching for volunteers with varying skills and strengths; please review our current postings.

If you do not see a role that suits you today, send us your resume, and we’ll be in touch. 


Find out more about the rewarding experience of volunteerism with our organization.

Why should I volunteer with PCF?

During your service with PCF, you will learn new skills, meet new people, and add great experience to your resume. You will also be supporting a very worthy cause at a rapidly growing organization working to build a best-in-class cancer agency that will make a difference in millions of animals’ lives in the decades to come.

What is the time commitment to volunteer with PCF?

We have three levels of contribution ranging from 4-6 hours weekly for the individual contributor, to 6-8 hours weekly for supervisors and managers, and 8-10 hours per week for those with senior-level responsibilities. 

Do I have to make a long-term commitment?

We have roles that require and benefit from longer-term commitments of 6-12 months, and some that are project/assignment-based of 3-6 months. In the future, we will also have project-specific volunteer roles that will have a finite time commitment (e.g., volunteering to work at one of our events that may only be for a day).   

Am I guaranteed a volunteer position?

Although we would love to add everyone that applies, unfortunately, that would be hard to manage. If we do not select you for the role you applied for, don’t be discouraged; we have positions coming available regularly. We also encourage you to complete our general inquiry form to inquire with our teams for upcoming roles not yet posted. Lastly, we hope you will check our volunteer webpage for updates.

Do volunteers work in-person or remotely?

The organization does not require any of our volunteers to visit a place of work. We have an entirely distributed team that works remotely from wherever it’s convenient to them.

Do you provide training, equipment, or software?

At PCF, we strive to give you all the necessary onboarding needed to succeed in your volunteer position, including a new volunteer orientation to the organization. Due to our volunteer workforce’s remote nature, your own equipment (laptop or desktop) will be necessary, along with access to familiar software for email, word processing, etc. PCF uses Google Workspace and its suite of products to share, communicate, and collaborate. If you need some help learning those, don’t worry, we’ll be there to help you along the way.

I live in the Philippines. Can I volunteer?

Although the vast majority of our team completes their work in Canada and the United States, we also have volunteers in another half-dozen countries worldwide. The decision to add a team member from another country depends on the project and effort and the team leader’s ability to manage through the time difference. It is not a problem for some roles, while for others, it just wouldn’t work. When applying from another country, if the stars align and your location works within our needs, we’ll certainly reach out to you.

What kind of work would I do as a volunteer?

PCF’s volunteer opportunities are diverse and can include all work types, from content writers for our online communities to business analysts in our strategy department. With over 30 departments and the many projects we have planned to carry out our mission, we have a wide variety of roles and work to do at PCF. 

Who can become a volunteer? Can a child or student volunteer?

Willingness to serve an organization in its mission to help others is a special attribute that we wholeheartedly appreciate. We encourage anyone who has the time and desire to give of themselves to complete an application to volunteer with us. We strive to support volunteers the best we can and place them in roles that match their abilities. If you are above the age of 12 and under the age of 16, we require parental consent to join our team.

Are there any current volunteer opportunities?

Please check out our Available Opportunities web page for up-to-date volunteer postings.

Available Opportunities Page

We’re searching for volunteers with varying skills and strengths; please review our current postings. Available Opportunities

General Applications Page

If you do not see a role that suits you today, send us your resume, and we’ll be in touch. General Applications